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With the wealth of nutrition information and misinformation available today, navigating the nutrition landscape can be difficult, but our Registered Dietitian (RD), Sabrina Ramme, is here to help!  Nutrition Counseling sessions are personalized, one-on-one sessions that will help you meet your individual goals through whole food-based solutions that fit into your busy lifestyle.  An RD is licensed to work with a broad range of client needs, whether you have a specific medical condition that needs closer dietary attention, are looking to lose weight, or simply want to know what a healthy diet means for you.

Meet Sabrina Ramme, r.d.


In her early 20s, Sabrina was studying theater in Southern California when she started researching nutrition. Initially it was for reasons of vanity, but once she started changing her diet and saw incredible improvement in energy and overall well being, she began a journey that ultimately led to a Master’s Degree in Nutritional Sciences from Bastyr University, and a Dietetic Internship through Washington State University. 

She has worked with a wide variety of clients, including elite Army Soldiers to improve performance and body composition,  corporate wellness clients with employees looking to improve health and wellness, to more complicated health conditions at a hospital outpatient clinic.  

        Nutrition Packages & pricing

        15 minute consultation                                FREE

           Schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation with Sabrina before purchasing to see if nutritional counseling is a good fit for you.

        3 session package                                        $385

            First visit 75-90 minutes, subsequent visits 45-60 min, plus weekly email or text support as needed.        

        5 session package                                        $585

            First visit 75-90 minutes, subsequent visits 45-60 min, plus weekly email or text support as needed.

        Accountability add on                                 $300

            Six 30 minute appointments and text or email support for extended support and accountability after completing one of the other packages (to be used within 6 months).

        Food Allergy Workup--                               $799

            Includes MRT blood test (retail: $500), 12 week customized diet plan, 4 in person visits and weekly email or text follow ups.    

        A la Carte Rates

        30 minute follow-up                                           $75

        60 minute follow-up                                           $125

        75 minute initial consult                                      $175*

        *Note:  There is a 2 appointment minimum up front.  To achieve excellent results, we need to meet at least 3-5 times.  After the first appointment I will consider phone or skype appointments if that is easier for you, but initial consults must be done face to face.  

        Sabrina’s specialties include:

        • Weight management/weight loss
        • Sports nutrition 
        • Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum nutrition 
        • Food allergies 
        • Autoimmune conditions 
        • Digestive problems
        • Fertility and preconception
        • PCOS
        • Celiac                                                     

        personal Statement & Philosophy:

        As women we receive a lot of messaging about what our bodies are “supposed” to look like, the dainty amounts we are “supposed” to be eating-- that eating like a rabbit is somehow feminine.  My job is to give you the tools to break free from restrictive diets and to nourish your body to optimize energy, strength and vitality. Evofit workouts are intense and require serious nutrition to fuel your performance-- let me help you to let go of fear about food and focus on building your best self.  Many people seek a dietitian because they want to lose weight, and while I support your goals, I challenge you to do more than just lose weight-- I want you to feel GREAT too:  have energy, good workout recovery, sleep better, reduce stress and eliminate that foggy headed, aches and pains type of malaise that can set in as we get older. 

        There is a lot of information out there about what good nutrition looks like. Some people insist that going vegan is the healthiest, while others swear by very low-carb or paleo or the latest celebrity juice cleanse.  

        The reason there are so many different eating plans out there is that different things work for different people at different times in their lives. What works for a breastfeeding new mom doing EvoHIIT classes 3 times a week is going to be different than what a woman who mostly works a desk job and sticks to barre and yoga classes needs.  What makes you feel great when you are 25 might not be working as well at 40, and we are bombarded by conflicting information in the media (carbs are good, carbs are bad, meat is bad, high protein, low fat, keto, help!).   As a dietitian it is my job to wade through all of that noise, and help guide you toward what works best for your lifestyle and your body now, backed by actual science and experience. 

        While different things work for different people, the fundamental basis of my practice is real, whole food first.  There is an amazing quantity of edible products in the grocery store that I wouldn’t consider actual food-- they are developed by scientists in a lab; mass produced with catchy slogans on the front, often designed to trick you into thinking they are healthy.  They scream, “Low fat! Gluten free! Now with whole grains!” When the reality is the claims are a smoke screen for advertising low nutrient density, sub-par food. Our bodies are designed to eat foods that occur in nature, grown from the ground, with minimal processing. 

        I am a working mom of 3 little boys.  I know that finding ways to make healthy food a part of your life can be challenging and feel overwhelming.  Having me as your personal nutrition coach and cheerleader to help guide you towards a solution that fits within your busy lifestyle and has you feeling your best is my passion.  Let me help you take your wellness to the next level and achieve your goals both in the gym and out.