Why the WHOLE30?

Whole30 is a 30 day program of eating only real whole foods.

Perhaps you have heard of the Whole30; your coworker is trying it, or you’ve seen hashtags “Whole30” on Instagram, but aren’t sure what the heck is going on.  Whole30 is a 30 day program of eating only real whole foods.  It is a short-term nutritional reset, not meant to be a long-term "diet", designed to help you put an end to unhealthy cravings and habits, restore a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract, and balance your immune system. Participants commonly report consistently high energy levels, improved athletic performance, better sleep, and improved focus and mental clarity.  It excludes foods that are common triggers or sensitivities for many people, such as sugar, dairy, grains, legumes, and alcohol.  Instead it focuses on quality protein, vegetable starch, and healthy fats.  By avoiding these inflammatory foods for 30 days you give your system a chance to rest from items that could be causing you inflammation, and gives you the opportunity to see how you feel without them, and then how you feel once you add them back in.  And yeah, most people tend to see some weight loss too, though that is not the only benefit.

Read more about the what and why of the Whole30 at http://whole30.com/new

But isn’t it a crash diet?  

No.  Whole30 is not a diet! There’s no measuring and no calorie counting, you just eat real, healthy foods for 30 days, and then slowly reintroduce foods to see what you want to keep in and what perhaps isn’t serving you.

I don’t need to lose weight, should I do Whole30?  

Yes! Maybe you have constant skin breakouts or hormonal problems, or digestive issues, or brain fog.  You are sleeping poorly and struggling to get through your workouts or your work day.  A diet reset can help fine tune your body and leave you feeling energized and awesome at the end of the month.

Ok, but the Whole30 program is free on the internet, why should I pay to do it through EvoFit?

Whole30 w/ an Evo-Nutrition twist - by joining the EvoFit Whole30 Group Challenge, you get:

  • A template meal plate and grocery list for 2 adults, for each week with recipes

  • Sabrina's tips on how to meal plan effectively

  • Sabrina's summary of how to do a Whole30 as simply as possible, with the least amount of time in the kitchen required, and what quick things you can pick up at Trader Joes or other local stores in a pinch

  • A private Facebook group, if you choose, where you can both get group support and encouragement with your other friends taking on the challenge, and where you can ask troubleshooting questions of Sabrina Ramme, a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition, 7 years experience & 3 time Whole 30 completer

  • Sabrina's modifications and supervision for breastfeeding or endurance training

  • Sabrina's recommendations for optimizing your nutrition pre-and post workout so you can still do your workouts even on Whole30

  • FREE entry into our Winter BINGO Challenge!


$99 Current EvoFit Members

$129 Non-EvoFit Members

$229 NEW Members includes Whole30 Challenge plus 1 Month Unlimited EvoFit Classes

  • Group participation and 45 days of private facebook group participation (45 days because Sabrina REALLY wants to encourage you all to ease back into eating other foods—she will walk you through how to do this.  She does not want you binging on pizza on day 31!)

  • Start and end body measurements and fitness assessments via a benchmark workout

  • Weekly meal plans and shopping lists along with tips

  • 25% off nutrition packages if you decide you want more support during or after the challenge (good for nutrition packages purchased through March 30, 2018)

Optional add on:

For an additional $100 per person, up to 3 people can go to Sabrina's house (at the same time) before the challenge starts on January 7th.  She will walk you through how she does meal prep—especially for those who aren’t used to doing a lot of cooking and need some help in the kitchen for how to organize themselves.


MONDAY 1/8: BUY IN - ALL CLASSES - we're kicking off the challenge with measurements, "before" pics, and an all levels benchmark workout!  We will also have opportunity for members to come in on Sunday 1/7 for pictures and measurements, no workout.

WEDNESDAY 2/7: CASH OUT - ALL CLASSES - we'll wrap things up with the benchmark workout again, measurements, and "after" pictures.

WEDNESDAY 2/7 - WEDNESDAY 2/21: REINTRODUCTION PROTOCOL - the reintroduction portion of the Whole30 is critical to the learning experience. Over these two weeks, Sabrina will guide you how to slowly, carefully, systematically reintroduce some of the off-plan foods you’ve been missing, and evaluate how they make you feel in the context of a healthier relationship with food, metabolism, digestive tract, and immune system. Learn more about this at http://whole30.com/step-two-finished

**$100 CREDIT TOWARDS MERCHANDISE**: After the cash out, coaches & Sabrina will select one winner from the pool of participants to win a $100 credit toward retail!   


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