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Melissa is a woman whose biggest strength is her quiet confidence.  Her leadership lies in being a truly humble, positive, encouraging, but relatively quiet personality with a rock-solid work ethic.  When asked why she nominated Melissa, a fellow member had this to say: “Melissa has inspired me from my first day. She is so supportive of everyone. She powers through every workout with grace, and always manages to have big beautiful smile while doing so.”

Melissa always seems to be in a good mood and you can’t help but reciprocate her above-mentioned infectious smile when she walks in the gym.  She is quick to greet new members, to encourage others through tough sets, and to celebrate fellow athletes’ accomplishments. 

…but make no mistake - this petite mama of two is a beast!  She listens attentively to coaching cues and adapts or course corrects as needed.  With impeccable form, she pushes herself each time, and indeed manages to combine strength with grace throughout every workout.

We are so happy to introduce Melissa Johanson as October’s EvoFit Athlete of the Month!  Meet her below…

TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOU : I've been a West Seattle native for most of my life and don't think I will ever leave. I love running into old friends on the streets and have made so many new treasured friends along the way that West Seattle will always be home regardless of my current zip code.  

I'm married and have 2 very energetic and silly kids who keep our house full of life. We love music and like to dance (well 3 out of 4 of us do)  so family dance parties are a must. I love cozy gatherings with family and friends and enjoy being outdoors as much as possible whether it be walking to local stores, biking to the beach, going on mini road trips to play in the snow or chasing the sunshine- I always need fresh air! Travel is always on my mind so I am always cooking up the next adventure!    


WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO EVOFIT?  I did stroller strides when Kylie taught the classes and loved her style so when she left and I later heard she was opening her own company I knew I had to check out EVOFIT and was hooked from there.   

WHAT IMPACT HAS EVOFIT AND IT’S COMMUNITY HAD ON YOU?  Evofit has been such a strong part of my routine for the past few years and I love that every workout is different because I need variety to stay engaged. 

I've also met some fabulous ladies who I am lucky to call friends through Evofit so that alone has been golden.  

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO SOMEONE CONSIDERING OR JUST JOINING EVOFIT?  Take it one day at a time and remember to breathe through the workouts because it really does help.

WHAT’S SOMETHING WE MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU?  I'm a lefty.  Actually 3 out of 4 in our family are solid lefties with one still on the brink and is currently ambidextrous. :)



EVOFIT, 4800 40th Avenue Southwest, Seattle, WA, 98116