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Congratulations to Mackenzie Sullivan for being chosen as our June EvoFit Athlete of the Month! 

If you are fortunate enough to workout beside this powerhouse you know exactly why she was selected.  Her peer said it best: “Despite the struggles of the workouts, Mackenzie keeps things light with her humor and she is always smiling.  She is a super positive workout buddy!”  

Mackenzie’s first introduction to EvoFit was with a brutal Memorial Day workout just a year ago.  She rocked it and has never looked back.  She impressed us that day with her drive and willingness to try new things.  And she has continued to impress us with her commitment, consistency and winning attitude over the course of this year.  

Thank you Mackenzie for always lighting up our mornings with a smile.  And anytime you want to host an Italian feast get together, you know how to get a hold of us ;)

TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOU:  I am a mom to three adventurous and sweet boys (Elliot, Maximilian & Julian) and have been married to Jake for almost 13 years. We have two lab mix pups, Mia and Lollipop. Family is my life. I am 100% Italian and treasure any family time/meal gathering I can. Seattle became my home in 1999 following my graduation from Gonzaga. Pre kids I managed the Women's and Coed Conditioning floors at the Washington Athletic Club. Once our first son arrived, I jumped at the opportunity to stay home. Athletics/fitness have always been part of my life. I enjoy doing anything active with my family, traveling, nights out with friends and sunshine!

WORDS TO LIVE BY or FAVORITE QUOTE:  Lean into the discomfort to make a change.  "Act justly, love mercifully and walk humbly."

WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO EVOFIT?  I had been searching for a new challenge. I was consistent  between running and pilates, but had a hard time motivating my myself to fit in strength training. Alder Kuhn and Veronica Foster invited me to join Memorial Day 2016 for the Murph workout. It was challenging to say the least but I was hooked! Loved meeting them early mornings for EVO and getting to know the EvoFit community. 

WHAT IMPACT HAS EVOFIT AND IT’S COMMUNITY HAD ON YOU? EVO has been my happy place during a very challenging year for me personally. The community has pushed me to find my inner strength, celebrate meeting my goals and sanity to get through crazy days. I love walking into workouts, seeing the tribe and getting after it. The sense of accomplishment before 7am keeps me going through all that pops up in my day.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO SOMEONE CONSIDERING OR JUST JOINING EVOFIT?  Just try it, go your own pace and know you have the support of many amazing women. 

WHAT’S SOMETHING WE MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU?  I love to create meals and a gathering place for family and friends. 



EVOFIT, 4800 40th Avenue Southwest, Seattle, WA, 98116