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Anyone who knows Saragh knows she is a force!  One of our members said it best: “She is one motivated lady that is so positive through every workout. She offers encouragement and the little push to get us all to the end of a workout. Amazed how she juggles workouts, life and work!”  

Saragh is indeed a motivated & motivating rockstar mom with a giant heart and an iron grit.  She manages to juggle the demands of a full time career, travel, a large family, and fun with friends, while also consistently carving out time for herself and her fitness goals.     

Saragh has been one of our biggest advocates since starting her EvoFit journey over four years ago and that has meant the world to us.  Watching her evolve over those years has been nothing short of awesome! 

Congratulations, Saragh, we are proud to announce you as EvoFit’s August Athlete of the Month!

TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOU: My husband and I have lived in West Seattle for the last 10 years and are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary this year. We have two little girls Sydney (7) and Maggie (4). My whole family lives within a mile of each other. In fact my sisters and I live on the same block! My parents are less than a mile away and we are so grateful for how close we all are in proximity. We're raising a little tribe of cousins that can walk to each other's houses :)

We enjoy doing family trips together and traveling as much as we can. In the summers we all enjoy hanging out at the Normandy Park pool. I love being with friends and spending time with them as much as possible. My favorite time is when my house is filled with friends and family.

WORDS TO LIVE BY or FAVORITE QUOTE:   My favorite quote is one Susie uses a lot and it's a great reminder as a working Mom "I have enough, I do enough, I am enough.”

WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO EVOFIT?  My girlfriend, Claudina Valcarlos, introduced me to Evo a little over 4 years ago and I was hooked from day one.  I remember dying through the burpees and push ups but being so inspired by all the strong, capable women around me encouraging me and pushing themselves as hard as they could.

WHAT IMPACT HAS EVOFIT AND IT’S COMMUNITY HAD ON YOU?  Evo has changed my body and my confidence in so many ways. I love that my girls watch me and all the other women, sweating, challenging ourselves and reaching our goals. Not to mention supporting and encouraging each other.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO SOMEONE CONSIDERING OR JUST JOINING EVOFIT?  My advice to anyone considering Evo is to take it one class at a time and focus on you.  Even after 4 years doing Evo I still surprise myself at what I am capable of. You will grow stronger inside and out and learn your true grit.



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