March 2018: Ann Conway

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If our March EvoFit Athlete of the Month could be nominated on likability alone, Ann Conway would be at the top of the heap!  

Ann was quiet at first, but she would come in, work hard, and inspire those around her without saying a word.  Fast forward a few months, and Ann is one of our most welcoming members, who still inspires with her silent strength, but is also so quick with a wisecrack that it will make you belly laugh until it hurts.  Some descriptions of Ann:

  • "She is so dedicated, comes regularly, pushes herself, helps others, cracks jokes, asks great questions, etc... all the great stuff!  She never sees her age as a limitation and I just love her spirit."  
  • " AWESOME it has been to witness...  She always has a smile on her face and is ready to 'party'!"

Not only is Ann uplifting, witty, generous and humble, but there’s also a fierce, determined warrior behind her ever-present smile. Her deep dedication to becoming her best self has been an inspiration to all in our EvoFit community.  We have loved every second of watching her journey and cannot wait to see where the next few months takes her.

Meet Ann here:

TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY:  I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt and friend.  My husband and I met on a blind date 20 years ago.  We have 17 years of marriage, a 15 year old high schooler and 14 year old almost high schooler.  Our dog Penni, (who we call auction dog because we bought her at an overly alcohol induced school auction) is 10 years old. 

I have always worked in creative fields…a fashion designer for 18 years, entrepreneur and boutique owner and am currently I run a small gifting company called Swee Swee Studio.  I love to make things beautiful…be it a person, place or thing.

I was never a sports enthusiast until my children starting playing.  Now you cannot keep me from the baseball fields, volleyball or tennis courts to watch them play.   I am that annoying loud parent who knows just enough to yell the wrong thing at the right time, and I love it!

I am a pretty good cook, thanks to a gourmet mother.  I love to entertain, drink good wine, and have been known to throw a party or two.  Hence the need for Evofit!

WORDS TO LIVE BY/FAVORITE QUOTE: If you believe you can, then you will.

WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO EVOFIT?  I purchased a gift certificate at the Holy Rosary Auction and it sat in my drawer for a few months.  Not long after, my doctor explained my perimenopause issues.  She told me that what I was doing for exercise and diet was not  working anymore.  My body changed drastically very quickly and I had to adapt…so I pulled that certificate out of the drawer and began the Evofit journey.

WHAT IMPACT HAS EVOFIT AND IT’S COMMUNITY HAD ON YOU?  It was intimidating coming into EVO at first.  I am older than many and was not as physically fit as most.  I would find my corner in the work out room.  I didn’t talk much and prayed I would make it all the way through the workouts.  But as time evolved (no pun intended) I organically began experiencing more change physically and mentally.  I have never felt this strong, through the help and guidance of the wonderful instructors.    This week after barre class, I had a really sweet and a bit overwhelming moment with a handful of women and instructors giving me wonderful words of encouragement.  It was unexpected and it blew me away.  I truly felt the Evo community at that moment

Everyone has their own life, everyone is SO busy, but for that hour you get to be all about you, to help you become the better you.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO SOMEONE CONSIDERING OR JUST JOINING EVOFIT?  Keep mixing it up. Try out as many different instructors and classes that you can and always give each class a second chance.    It keeps your body and mind alert.  The beauty of each instructor is that they have their own style and rhythm.  Their styles complement each so you truly get full body workout.

WHAT’S SOMETHING WE MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU? I am a (self-proclaimed) expert gift wrapper and can creatively wrap anything.